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Sibenik-Knin County is situated in the Central Dalmatia with the area of 2939 km2. It includes 5 towns: Sibenik, Drnis, Knin, Skradin and Vodice.

It has a well-indented coast with numerous coves and marinas, more than 240 islands, isles and above-sea crests among which the Kornati group stands out with its number and picturesqueness.Of all these islands, only Prvić, Zlarin, Kaprije, Žirije, Krapanj and Murter are permanently inhabited.

National parks, the NP Krka and the NP Kornati make it a very attractive tourist destination. Due to its indentedness, the nautical tourism intensively developed, especially in the NP Kornati. Today the Riviera includes 12 marinas.
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National park KORNATI National park KRKA
Nacionalni park KORNATIThe Kornati archipelago is gorgeous and unique in its beauty. It extends up to 300 square kilometres and it has 148 islets
Nacionalni park KRKAThe river Krka, together with its sunken part, is 72 km long. With its seven lime waterfalls, it stands out as a natural and karst phenomenon.
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The town of Sibenik The town of Vodice
The town of Šibenik - KatedralaThe town of Sibenik, with the population of 42000, is the centre of the county. It stands out with its unique position on the hill slopes in the northern part of the picturesque and wide bay at the mouth of the river Krka which here connects to the sea by the St. Ante Channel.

Sibenik was founded by Croatians more than 1000 years ago. Therefore, it represents the oldest native town on the eastern Adriatic coast.
The town of VodiceThe town of Vodice is one of the biggest centres of the county.

It is placed along the coast in a wide bay. It has 10 000 inhabitants and it is 12 km far from Sibenik.
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The town of Skradin The town of Drnis
The town of SkradinThe town of Skradin is a seaside town with many valuable cultural and historical monuments. The commune has 4 000 inhabitants.

In the town port there is one of the entrances to the NP Krka. There is also the Adriatic Club marina with all necessary contents.
The town of DrnišThe town of Drnis is a picturesque town with 4 700 inhabitants. It has road connections with Sibenik and Split. It is located on the spot where the river Čikola abandons the field and runs through the canyon to the river Krka.

The town was founded by Turks in 1522, while they were descending the northern part of Dalmatia.
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The town of Knin Primosten
The town of KninThe town of Knin – due to its strategic position, represented the door of Dalmatia for centuries. It lies on the three border point area among Bosnia, Lika and Dalmatia. Today it has 13 000 inhabitants and the town itself and its surroundings are famous for its home made specialties.
PrimoštenPrimosten – which is the centre of the commune with the same name, is a very famous tourist place along the Adriatic highway.

It is situated on the island close to the mainland and 28 km far from  Sibenik. The island is surrounded by the bulwark with towers and draw-bridge built in 1542.

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Murter Betina
MurterMurter is the oldest place on the island with the same name. It has a road connection, through Tisno, with the Adriatic tourist road.

During the Roman period there was a colony Collentum whose remnants can still be found on the hill Gradina.
BetinaBetina is a place on the island of Murter, 7 km far from Tisno.The name has its origins in the Celtic word “bet” (mouth) which corresponds perfectly to its look and its port position.

In 1848 the shipyard was founded there which is one of the most famous shipyards in Croatia today. It is known for its sporting and fishing boats.
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Jezera Tisno
JezeraJezera is placed on the island of Murter in the cove with the same name, protected from wind and waves.

It is named after small lakes which show up after spring and summer rains. These small lakes disappear soon after the sun appears again.
TisnoTisno is placed in the narrowest part of the Murter channel (30 m wide). One part of the place is situated on the island and the other is on the neighboring land. The two parts are connected together by a draw-bridge.
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